This series draws from a fascination with the idea of shoes being an extension of the body through which we transmit information to the brain about the terrain over which we travel. The confounding high-heel, while being everything that pinches, elevates us in inches, and inevitably makes us more sensitive to the ground we walk on.

"Artist Marina Dempster has a marvelous ability to astonish and amaze. Her scintillating sculptural shoes engage the viewer on so many levels. The work is enriched by her cultural heritage and autonomously translated into the present. Whether you are mesmerized by her meticulous skill, captivated by her imagination or transfixed by the use of colour, motif, materials and design; one is bound to start thinking of shoes in a completely different way.”
- Melanie Egan, Head of Craft Department, Harbourfront Centre

These sculptural pieces are primarily in public and private collections across North America.